6 Reason I DNF Books

May 5, 2017


Okay, I know this is going to be a quite sensitive issue regarding books (I guess?). Practically, I'm going to be talking about - What makes me(or maybe, you) put a stop on reading a book and the reason behind it. Read this with an open mind.

Basically, as I mentioned multiple times here on my blog, DNF is a Did/Do Not Finish reading a book. There are tons of reason why or what makes you stop reading a book which I will emphasize it below. So, without further ado, let's make it through to the point.

Not Your Cup of Tea

The book might be receive love from around the world which every bookworm loving it but when you start to read it, you feel that it isn't your cup of tea. Meaning, there isn't connection between you and the story or characters from the book where I do experience on that. It is a sad truth makes me frustrate of why I couldn't love this book like anyone else? I just don't get it and that leads me to put it under DNF. Sorry but could not feel sorry enough.


Ahhhh! This could enrage anyone. I do encounter few books that feel so bored like heck that I need to put it down and not picking up again. The plot from the start feel so plain which you ain't taste anything from it and you just have to stop. Stop before you going to be mad.

The Plot

It's either too slow or they have a same plot from other books and could be consider predictable. I just have to put a stop on reading it. I can't stand book that have a very slow pace. The feeling of reading a slow book like 'when the heck are you going to meet you other half or when are you going to stand up for yourself' and the list goes on and on. Gosh!

or OR!

No plot at all. It feel like reading a story to no end. I can't find any climax of the story of whatever it supposed to be in there to make it more interesting to read!


The character has make it super extremely cruel - I need to put the book down. I'm sorry I could not continue reading it. It feel so scary and it just...there is not words I could describe about it anymore. Just..stop. That's all I can do. Since, it might could triggered us which doesn't sound good.

Too Many Characters

I have read this one book which have a lot of characters in it has lead me into a confusion. You know, jumping one into another characters and the next chapter into other characters like what?? What are you trying to tell me now? Who is the main character? I just could not figure who. Blergh. DNF it is.

Too Bland

No chemistry between all the characters. It feel off. Its like you are talking without any emotion and might be you hate them that's the reason you don't want to have conversation between you. That's how I felt when reading a book who has an empty feeling and all the characters kind of lazy to talk to each other. 😒

These are my reasons why I need to put the books under DNF.

What about you? Have you ever DNF books? If you do, why you DNF it?

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