How I Write A Blog Post?

April 14, 2017

I feel so lost without my laptop. It super hard when all your blog ideas, your blog materials, spreadsheet and all is still in the laptop that could no longer available to use.

 Anyway, let's jump to the main topic that I would like to share here on my blog. It's not that I been ask to do it rather that I'm just want to share - How have I always write a blog post, one way to motivate myself too. Let's just begin.

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Target Audience

This is important as you want who to read your blog. You need to know who is your target audience and what do they like to read. That is the way that helps you to strategize your plan which mean, you able to plan on what language shall you use on your blog to make more people visit your blog also participate in the comment section as well.

As for me, I'm writing in english because my target audience not just from my country (Malaysia) but also international readers as well. How about you?


I think this is the most painful things to think what is your concentration, what kind post would like to share on your blog, what is the most enjoyable topics that you want to share, right? Because you need to know what your blog is all about before proceed into writing a post. Everything must be comes from your heart, ask yourself what is your passion and make it happen!

I must say that myself also struggling a lot in thinking what my blog is about and why I want it to be like that and how should I capture people's heart with my blog post. If I want to share about beauty, I need to know all that kind of stuff where I only know about eyeliner, lipstick, foundation, what else? I didn't know anything about that. We do have make up stuff but well, it isn't mine - it belong to my sisters.

So, after thinking a lot, I know I love books and I want to share it with you. I do realize that book blogging community in Malaysia isn't that big at all and it's quite hard to find other Malaysian Book Bloggers but in other words, I'm enjoy and loving with what I'm doing right now. Hopefully, you too 😘


Once you have found your target audience and what is your niche, you shall start working with your topics! Brainstorming, jot down your ideas on your journal or spreadsheet wherever you can go back and take a look at it again.

Choose topic that really interest you on writing so that, it won't make you feel burden to write it. Not only that, when you choose topic that you enjoy writing, it will come out smoothly on your writing also it would amaze other readers who read your post!

Do Your Research

Make sure and make sure, do some research be posting anything on your blog. Because every bloggers wants something to spice out their blog post, isn't it? To make other people feel. 'wow! That's a good topic and so on'.

That being said, make a research about it before proceed posting it on your blog. Find the right facts and information, thus people won't question you - Is it true? or Are you really sure of this and that? You also could give credit or cite it on your blog where you find those info. That would be better!


Now, it is time for you to write! Go hit your keyboard and start to blast your idea on post. I may say to start writing on your blog, you may need to spend hours and hours in front of your laptop/computer to get all your idea in a perfect shape where people could understand what you want to deliver to them and not to misunderstand from it also you need to make sure the flow of writing structure is well written.

Anyhow, hopefully I have deliver a good topic here on my blog which make you feel want to read it. Hopefully you enjoy reading all my blog post! 😃

Do you plan what you want to write or you just write it instantly when you have the idea?

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