Fatina's Things #5 - Mentally & Physically Tired

April 16, 2017

fatina's things


It's been so long since my last post on this series. It is a series where I made for my blog which I talk mostly about me, personally. I just going to write whatever pop up on my mind. Let's start now!

Is April doing good on me? Erm, I'm not really sure about that. Is it? Does it?

1. I Still DO NOT Purchase New Laptop

Nope. I'm still using my mom's laptop. Argh! It is so stressful when all your blog idea is stuck in your old laptop which you do not keep any back up also you don't have any photoshop even beautiful fonts with you. I want it back! 😭

Even all those important website you have bookmark is all vanish. Good bye! Blergh! Whatever.

2. I'm not in a mood of reading. At all.

You know when you have been so productive for the last two months with your reading but this month, mentally and physically been drained out way too much thus you reading spirit has just..plunge down.

I try to read but then I stop in the middle and start new book and again I stop in the middle, again and again and again. What is the matter with me! I need my spirit back! Give me those spirit back again! 😭😭

Okay let just stop those negative side of me. Eww! Let me share the good news!

1. My Lazada's purchase has arrived!

Last month, I won a voucher RM300 from Lazada and I have purchase 12 items from Lazada. I will post all the items somewhere next week, I hope. 12 items which consists of 3 handbags - me and my two sisters, a clutch for my dad, and make up and make up for mom and myself & my sisters because it's the time for me to learn how to make up! I'm 26 yet I still confuse on how to put eyeshadow, eyeshadow err what else?

Okay, whatever it is, I will post those items on blog soon.

2. err, what else shall I share here? Hmm? Okay fine, I'm so running out of idea since it's already 12.43 am. I need to sleep! I guess I shall see you on my next post! Toodles!

Happy Sunday, dearest readers! 💘

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