Fabulous Things of Being A Bookworm

April 4, 2017

Fabulous Things of Being A Bookworm

I just going get straight to the point without any words to point out here as my introduction because I feel like the title has says it all. Don't you agree with me?

Therefore, I will leave to reason out why is it so wonderful in being a bookworm, without further do, let's begin.

1. Able to travel out to another universe

This is what I love being a bookworm where I'm able to pull my way travel to another universe when there is only me and the fictional character where I'm able to meet personally. Just use my imagination, that's all. As funny as it sounds, I'm happy that I could that just from reading material.

2. Fictional boyfriend is always the sweetest person ever you meet

Literally, fictional boyfriend can make our heart goes flutter, cheek flush into red, feel like in you are in cloud nine. Lol Did I just say that? Opsiee. This is when bookworms have so many fictional boyfriend/crush that hard for you to choose which one you like the most and the real boyfriend/husband will goes - blergh 😅 Get what I mean?

3. Thrilled to give books recommendation

If you ask me what books to recommend to you, which best for you to start reading or what is question to ask more on this subject? Anyway, I will going to have you to sit down and lend you ears and listen to me carefully because I'm going to giving you a super long list what and why you need to read this book and what make you going to love this book and the list goes on and on.

4. Stress reliever

I think I have been saying on this subject like gazillion times (over exaggerate is my new name, lol) on my blog - book will be one of your major stress relief. It is! Try it yourself and will you know why I said this. Because it does help me to forget things that hurt my feeling or make me feel pressure by it. Ask any other bookworm, they will also agree with me on this matter.

5. Possibly being a writer

You have been reading massive amount of books, you have travel to one after another dimensions (I have been influence by A thousand pieces of you - Claudia Gray hiks), you have feel over joy meeting all the fictional characters and I'm sure(or maybe not) you are ready to write your own story! Yay! Because I am too, currently trying to write a book but I am so not ready to publish it here hiks

6. Vocabulary increasing vastly without us realizing it

Oh, don't you think that is incredibly amazing? You will be gain more new words/phrase in each of books you have read. As I am, I'm feel more than amazing that it does improve my vocabs from having less and limited to enormous amount of words - unlimited. It just I rarely use it here because of I'm afraid it isn't fit into my writing which is simple and easy to read.

7. Books must be handle with care

It better be! or else you would not ever be able to touch it again. Ever! Book is a precious things to have in each of booklover/bookworm/booknerd live. They are going to cuddle like a baby and put it delightfully on bookshelf. Uh oh, me more thing, they are some booklover who is okay to do a dog-ear or highlighting any phrase/words/quote they found on the book but some booklover are not into that kind of thing. It just a huge NO!

8. Giving a question like - which book is your favourite?

I will definitely go numb. Thinking and calculating which, why, what, how and when I love this book so much and it has been one of my favourite. Sure, there must be a reason why I love the book and make it one of the favourite but to answer that question is like asking which of these two do you like better - as in choosing a guy you love and a guy that love you. It hard to decide.

9. Bookstore is another home for bookworm

Naaahh, never ever complain to us when we layover at bookstore and should never ask hurried us. Because your patience with us is highly appreciated in this circumstances. Booklover need time to look out what book should they buy, what is the book all about, how many book should they book, why should they pick that book and the list goes on and on. Practically, it happen to many booklover out there.

10. Should not disturb us when reading

When we are on sail with a book, you should know that is the time when we need space and silence and peace from you. Once been disturb, you will receive a burst of words throwing to you lol okay, its not like we are going to shout on you 😑 NO! It's not like that at all, just a lengthy of nagging. Because there is when us, is in deeply into another world and try grasp what is the story is about.

What do you think of being a bookworm?

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