5 Blogging Mistakes

April 18, 2017

I know I have been blogging for almost 9 years. I mean, all those years, I hate to admit that I am still doing a lot mistakes here and there which I do feel annoyed with myself. However, it is not something I would step back from it instead I'm still going to give my best on things I really enjoy doing it.

5 blogging mistakes

Anyway, despite those years of blogging, I would like to share mistakes I did and as a reminder to myself to learn and improve it! lol Let's move straight to the point.

1. Spelling Mistake

Whenever I publish a post (on scheduling term), I will surely going to find a spelling mistake on the day the post been publish. 😅I feel so embarrassed, thinking that I have had published early in the morning and more than 30 people have read it. Do you understand what I feel?


The feeling to hide myself is so strong but it ain't solve anything, right? Hence, just fix the words even though it has more than 30 people already reading the post. ergh

2. Grammar Mistake

This is the worst! 😠

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I don't think I should explain further on this subject. Because you know it and I do realize about it. #soembarrassed

Even, if I write in Bahasa, I feel my words sound weird. My tatabahasa is blergh #icry

3. Proofread

I rarely read my post before publishing. I just publish it straightaway without having any intention of reading it before hitting the publish button. I guess that explain the mistakes I mention above. One of the reason, why I didn't read before publish is because my blogging time is always in the middle of the night. I'm just feel tired and sleepy to read it. 😫

Guys, proofread is very important to avoid any mistake you made like I do.

4. I Do Not Share My Post Elsewhere

Before I have a Bloglovin', I always ask myself, 'How should I attract more people to read my blog?' I'm having this in my mind of people might feel annoy with all the post link that I'm going to share here and there on any social media account I have which you shouldn't be.

 But that is one way to publicize your blog. Because nobody going to realize - you have a blog! Well, just go and share your post anywhere you want. Put aside those feeling and enjoy sharing your post to your friends or basically, anyone!

5. Uncertain Whether It Is A Good Post

What I meant here is - you hesitate to publish a post that you have been working out for so long, just because you afraid people might be condemn or no one reading your post or there is no comment on that post. NO! I should never hesitate to do it, right? Just go and publish it whatever or how gibberish the post is. Be confident and do not feel intimidated about it.

Because it is your blog, it is your idea and who knows people might find it as an inspiration post! Put aside all those feelings and concentrate on things you truly enjoy writing. Never feel burden on writing anything for your blog. ❤

What major mistakes you did on your post and make you feel so embarrassed by it?

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