Try and Error in Writing Book Review

March 23, 2017

I have been meaning to write this for so long but I don't have the confidence to write about it just yet. I'm not an expert in this since, I am still learning, doing some research and experimenting on how should I write a good book review.

What & How

When I first start doing a book review and I looking back at what have I write and I feel like, "yucks! Is that what I write?No way! Like seriously, did I just write that?" lol It's quite embarrassing to look at but everyone has their first time on trying something, things will eventually get better and better when you keep on practicing it. Its all about try and error and there's no right and wrong in writing a book review.

I'm going to share this based on what I do and what have I learn when writing a book review.

One, there is no format in writing a book review. Just write with whatever comfortable way you want to write and for God sake, there is no such thing as format plagiarism. You learn research methodology, right? Then, you should know what is consider as plagiarism. I won't talk about plagiarism in here. Go and try whatever way of writing you would want and how to write and I am too still trying and see which and how should I improve my book review.

Next, you might want to consider to mention about writing style, plot, characters, reason you like and dislike, what makes you want to read, ermmm..what else? There are many things you can talk about when you write a book review. Again, it is all on you.

When you want to write a good book review, you should pour your true feelings in it. Why? The reason is that when people read your review, they can feel your genuine feelings when you read the book and naturally it will pour on your writing. My very first mistake I did my first book review, it feel so empty, like there's no feelings in it that I received from the book. 😭😭

Fourth, is spoiler important in book review? Again, its up to you. If you want to spoil, what has happened to the main characters, do they got married or break up, you may do so but to do that, I think you shall write a warning saying that your review contain a spoiler, so that people will prepared mentally for it. hiks I do sometimes spoil a bit (only teeny tiny spoiler) in my book review just to shake your feelings and curiosity a bit.

You also could share a quote you found from the book you read. Something that makes you feel, "hey, I should share this quote, it's wonderful, quite accurate." Something like that. If you read my book review, there are review that include a quote which it did mean something to me that I have to share with you.

Last but not the least, you may share on what have you observe from the book you read and include a positive and negative aspect from it. I have read this somewhere when I doing some research on how to write a proper book review. I have yet writing on that, well maybe on my next review? I don't know we will see how is it going to be.

Sometimes I wonder, do you jot some notes on what will you write on your book review because I don't and I guess, that's why sometimes it takes time for me to write a book review. Also, usually right after I have finish reading, I'm still stuck and in daze for days because of the book. Do you get what I mean? hehe :)

Anyway, I truly did not satisfied with the way I write for my book review and I am still try my best to improve. I hope this post could help you a bit. I am truly sorry if it didn't help you that much but hopefully, you could get this small view on how to write a book review (I hope that!).

How do you write a proper review (products, etc)? Do you enjoy writing a review?

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