Being A Book Blogger

March 14, 2017


Is this post is about me complaining in being a book blogger? Heck NOT! It's about me trying to emphasize what is it like about being a book blogger. Please, note that.

When I first start to write on my blog again, I have been thinking what should I share with the readers? I need to write something that I enjoy and love to do. After a few months struggle to know what would I like to post on my blog every month, I finally choose to share something that I really passionate on, something that is what I really enjoy doing it which is something to do with book but then I need also to balance which I do a lifestyle post (but not going to talk about that, now).

Anyhow, I always think - to be a book blogger, I need to always to write a book review, but I guess not only that. I was wrong. After, I found many book bloggers see what do they share on their blog makes me feel like duh, seriously, Fatina? That's when I start to think what should I share apart from book review?

  • Of course, book review is important but what I see is that readers also want more other than a book review. You can have a discussion about whatever as long as related to books or create/join a book tag/book memes or join any bookish things or basically, anything. Well, there are tons of thing you can share more related to books.
  • Moreover, being a book blogger is where you can meet whole new community that has the same interest as you where you can fangirling and there's a lot of think to talk about with them. I do found a few now and cherish each of them whom I met here on my blogging site and feel so grateful for what I do here on my blog because that's the start of everything.
  • Also, being a book blogger also you can discover more and more and more amazing books that might not yet heard or new books coming soon and read their opinions of what they think about it and all. Isn't that fascinating you in a great way?
  • The most important thing, being a book blogger also helps you a lot in encouraging other people to read more and also you can influence them on books that you have read by lay your opinions on your blog. Aren't that the most freaking wonderful things you can do in helping people to read more?
  • Last but certainly not the least, what have I earn in being a book blogger is, it change on how I read, how I look in-depth about the story line and the characters also I will try to understand on every perspective from the books which I think it's very helpful from being a book blogger. All this time, I only read for the fact of enjoying it not really try to understand the characters and analyze the book itself.

In a nutshell, being a blogger isn't as hard as I think. I do feel a bit pressure before as I think I need to ensure myself to be active in sharing anything related with books. Well, certainly you shouldn't because being a blogger is a wonderful, amazing in gaining interest for you also others in reading. Also, you could share your talent side of you in capturing a beautiful photos of your books (I still need to improve) and post it on your blog or social media. There is a lot of thing you can gain from being a book blogger and everything is start from you.

What Do You Like About Book Blogger?

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