What Does Influence You To Choose A Book To Read?

February 28, 2017

When it comes to purchase a book you will feel the urge to own every book at the bookstore, don't you agree with me? Because that is what I feel whenever I enter the bookstore. It's like all the books were calling you using soft voice trying to hypnotize you saying, 'hey, pick me you will love me' or 'buy me! buy me!' or 'don't you heard I'm one of bestseller, so you better purchase me!' and the saying goes on and on until you buy them all. For that being said, I am currently on book ban and I'm trying my best to avoid from going to the bookstore which is very friggin' hard to do and I hate that.


Anyways, when you at a bookstore seeing all the books sitting on the bookshelves waiting for you and that is when you will feel like, 'which one should I buy?' or 'do I want that?', so the confusion to choose a book is quite difficult, right? Don't you think? Or am I the only one feeling like that? Hmm? So, I figure that I should write a post on "what does influence you to choose a book to read?"


Let's be frank here, book cover is one of the top reason for you to pick the book, isn't it? Don't you lie to me saying you are not feeling like that. Because who doesn't like to see beautiful things, right? However by saying this, every one in the world has their own taste and preferences on what they like and dislike. Well, beauty lies on eyes of the beholder. Honestly, book cover does plays an important role in trying to garner people's attention. Seeing those pretty, colourful, sparkling cover which will attract you to buy them and I think that is one of the reason why there are few covers for one book.


Reading a review before decide to purchase a book is like a must for most of us, right? To be honest, for myself I try to avoid myself from reading a review (but sometimes I could not avoid it because I want to know about it too lol) just because I'm afraid it might affect my feeling towards the book which I shouldn't let it influence me that way. Why? Again, it's always and always depends on your taste and preferences which might be you love the book more than anyone else. Well, I've been there and I know how it feels.

Recommended by Your Friends/Family/Sisters/Brothers/Etc

I know I'm doing it always. I know I have influence my close friends to read the books that I really enjoy very much and thank God they love it as much as I do and for that, I feel relief. Being recommended by someone to read the book is such a scary things to do, honestly. Because this is when those 'what if' came to your mind. You know by recommend to your friends, it's either they love or hate it.

On Bestseller Chart

Every bookstore they will hang the bestseller chart for you to see which of the books is one of the best book that you might want to consider to buy and read them. I think this is also one of the thing that could influence you to purchase it. Well, when you see the book on the chart you might have this thinking, 'what makes that book being on bestseller chart?' Thus, you will feel the need to read them and that's why you choose them. I guess :p

Social Media Influence

Nowadays, people use social media to share whatever they like on their account. This is where you can see people saying how they love the book so much, why is it good and want every one to read it. For that, it will definitely influence you to choose that book.

There are many other things that will influence you on why should you choose the book which you might be enjoy reading them as much as other people feeling it too, isn't it? Anyways, for what I have had stated above is what I think from my point of view and it might be different on you. So, I really want to discuss this more with you. Hopefully, you enjoy this post! Have a great day ahead!

How about you? What does influence you to pick that book for you to read?

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