Things I Encounter When I Work At A Bookshop

February 13, 2017

Things I Encounter When I Work At A Bookshop

I guess as every one of you (might some of you not knowing about it, yet) I'm used to work at a bookshop before. There's huge things I happened to witness it when I was working there. Most of it exciting, some were not but that's what it is when you're working at a retail store (you know what I mean, is it?).

So, I was thinking to share with you of what have I encounter when I work at a bookshop. For the good things I share, please keep on doing it and the bad things take it as a lesson and please never do it again. Promise me that, pretty please.

Anyway, without further ado, let's see what I've had experienced when I was working.

So, I've been assigned to English Department, of course, I'm expert in that sense (lol) know where the book in each of the shelf but yet, I'm still in the lookout for Malay Department which sometimes I'm a bit blur of where is the books on which shelf, so, I got a little bit slow to find it and yet I still, nail it anyway.

#Number 1

Helping customers is sort of mentally challenging. Why I say that? Because every customers has different personality and attitude which, you need to know how to handle each of them. I know its hard and very scary (a bit) but I still find that, its a beautiful memories ever in my life. Again, why I say that? Here's the thing;

↣ When you help a customer to find a book they want the face of them shows they are excited over books they got, it's overwhelming and I feel so satisfied and very much happy for them. Because even me as a customer, I would be jump out of joy to finally find the book I want.

↣ When they say "Thank You". Goodness, that's huge kind gesture of appreciation for helping them, which I'm so much appreciate in my whole life.

There are so much kindness of customers that I've been helping when I was working in a bookshop to which I feel so happy to get this kind of experience in my life.

#Number 2

Books been scattered away from the bookshelves. This things always happen on weekends, where there's huge number of customers came into the bookstore and it is really a bit out of control (I think its the same as any other retail store) but hey, it still feel great. Why? Because it is a good thing that everyone loves reading. Seeing them purchasing books and excited to bring them home and start to read, that's a good sign.

Even though, the books were scatter away still, it feel like a treasure hunting for me to find the books and put it back on the shelves. Tired? of course, I didn't deny that but when it comes to books, I don't mind at all. It's fun and I love it.

#Number 3

Seeing kids who is busy in children sections finding which books they want feel so good because they have this enthusiasm of want to read. For me, it's okay for the kids to start reading a comic because as long as it is something related to reading. I, myself, start with reading comic like doraemon, pokemon, to name a few, and here I am, I've been reading many kinds of genre, ever since. It always in need to start with something first to develop the love of what you love, right?

p/s: I give myself as an example, just because, it easy that way. lol

Being able to experience these kind of experience has been a huge in changing my perspective of working in a retail store. I do have few others experience in retail store but working in this bookshop has definitely having an impact on me. I learn a lot of things from here. Be it about how to handle customer, suppliers, book damage, processing books and of course, a beautiful friendship which, I will forever cherish it in my whole life.

Well, I have graduated from university in retail management it would be ashamed to me to not experience all of this. Some other amazing things I received from working in retail sector is that it's definitely has make me more confident in talking to the customers because you have to explain of what, why, how, when and who to the customers, if they ask anything from you, you need to be able to answer them. I think that's a very good thing I gain from it and guys, please don't look down on those who working in this retail sector because you'll never know what are their education holder they have, since, they are some of us have a diploma, degree, even master so, it would be nice for you to treat them well. That would be really much appreciated.

Have any of you have experience in working in retail sector? If yes, please do share your experience. I would love to know.

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