Life As A Grown Up Woman (Girl)

February 10, 2017

When you want to blog but you feel like, no, I need to have some me time, no blog for awhile, so, I guess that's the reason I didn't blog for awhile. My mind is so messed up that I couldn't focus on blogging. I miss being a kid, which you wouldn't need to think anything else other than playing with your toys and what not. Err, life as a grown up woman? Can I say, grown up girl? Because I didn't feel like I'm going to be 26 this year. hihi 😂😋

grown up woman(girl)

There are too many freaking things you need to face when you have grown up that sometimes you feel that, it is so exhausted of things happened around you, and it makes you want to just quit whatever you are currently doing and do things that you love instead. But, life ain't easy, nowadays. You have to think a lot of things before you make your decision to do it.

When I was still in school, I mean, in university, I didn't really feel, anything that pressuring me too much except doing assignments and doing your final year thesis and of course, some life drama (you know what I mean, right?). But, once, I'm done with studies, when I get a job, dang! This is the time, when you really really do understand, the struggle to earn money, to put aside some money and how to use it wisely. 📝
It is hard. I didn't brag it or whatever, but that is reality, even before you got a job, to find a job itself, its damn struggle. You have to go for interview one after another, just to get a job. It ain't easy, man. Its very tiring but it is worth it, when you finally secure a stable job and then, you have to maintain job performance and what not. 💪

That's one thing, about job. So, when you got your monthly salary, now, you have to think about how to use it wisely. You have to make your own budget on what should you pay first (cars/bills/house rents/study loan/etc), buy some groceries, put aside money for your parents and then you can see, how money left after doing those things, and then, you can decide either to keep it or for you to spend some money on things you like. See what I mean? Well, to show the details of how I use my salary every month, it might be different between you and me, right? 

Anyway, whatever I have ramble in this post, its my own point of view as a single lady, not as a married women, because I'm not. lol Speaking of that, have you put aside some money for your marriage purposes? Not going in to that details, by the way, just asking hiks

Being the first child in the family, first grandchild, goodness, the pressure are just beyond your imagination. Am I too over exaggerate that? lol I want to further my studies to the higher level, probably by this year. The most sad things is that I have to withdraw my application from two university in Australia and one in UK, just because, I didn't get any scholarship! Gosh! Nevertheless, I will further it soon, insha Allah. Do you want me to do a post on how to further your studies abroad? If you want, then do tell me. 😘

Anyhow, back to the stories, I just want to give you the overview of what will us encounter when we grown up. This is a teeny, tiny bit of what I've experience in my life, its definitely not going to be the same at all. Get it? I hope I have clear it on that part.

p/s : Now, one of the thing make me sad, apart from this kind of struggles, whatever, I'm so freaking sad, that I couldn't purchase my templates using my paypal, because I didn't link it with my bank card. lol Do I have too link it before proceed to purchase? Can I just not? Can somebody help me? Can I just wire my paypal balance to any of you, who are expert in this to help me to purchase the template that I want? If not, this will frustrate me even more. 😭😩

Anyway, how's your life going on, right now? Have you baking anything, this week? Because I miss baking.

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