January Wrap Up

February 2, 2017

Its already February of 2017? Time has definitely flies so fast, it just feel like yesterday, we have been celebrated New Year and now, its already the second month of 2017. To think of that, what I have actually doing in the whole January? Hmm 🤔


Nonetheless, let's moving on into what's in January! 💃

Read & review

I managed to read 6 books this month! Hooray! I feel so satisfied. Hopefully, I will able to keep this momentum until the end of 2017, so that, I can achieve 100 books as what I've plan. 

Anyway, here is the book that I have read.


You Drive Me Crazy by Anna Premoli - 4 out of 5 Star

Ida by Alison Evans - 3 out of 5 Star

Pushing The Boundaries by Stacey Trombley - 3 out of 5 Star

A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas - 5 out of 5 Star

Supposedly, I've read 7 but another book, I've just need to put up as DNF, because I don't feel I like the story though, sorry.

Oh, there are 4 books need to be review here is still pending in my draft. Soon. I promise to post it soon enough. 🤗


goblin and weightlifting kim bok joo

Korean Drama

I've only start to watch Goblin last week and OMG! I really love this drama! Its...amazing! Hence, Goblin deserves to received 5 out of 5 Star.


Weightlifting Kim Bok Joo also I just finish watching it in the early of January and I love it this drama too. It's a light drama, the main characters is so lovely, also other characters is just so adorable. Hence, 4.5 out of 5 Star.

and let's move on to KPOP!


My favourite Kpop - SHINHWA has release their 13th Album, which the songs that has been released are Touch, Heaven, Orange. My most favourite songs among this 3 new song is Touch! Have you listen to them? I love love love it! ❤

and because of this, I have put aside many other things that I have plan to do this month, just for them! hihi They have make appearance on Happy Together, Weekly Idol, and many other shows. Thus, I love Shinhwa. ❤

Now, Korean Variety Show

I'm so happy with the news that came last week, where, Running Man will continue their shows and Kim Jong Kook also Song Ji Hyo will also stay in this shows! Yay! One of the best news.

Also! also,

Jung Joon Young is back! Is officially back to 2 Days 1 Night! I cried when I was watching last week episode, when he came back into the show and surprise the other cast, all of them were so happy when they saw him back into the shows! 

favourite songs

Touch by Shinhwa // Heaven by Shinhwa // Fxxk It by Bigbang // Rockabye by Clean Bandit feat Sean Paul & Anne-Marie // Shape of You by Ed Sheeran // In My Mind by Maty Noyes // Stay With Me by Chanyeol, Punch // Round and Round by Heize


So far, I've been adding two new series on my blog, which is, a book discussion, might be some other than book, I'm going to discuss here on my blog, which, I think it will make me and my readers to communicate more frequent and giving each other opinions towards the topics that discuss here on the blog. I guess the first post of book discussion went smoothly. I'm very much happy with it, makes me more eager to do more discussion post here.

Anyway, if you haven't read my first book discussion, you can head on here [Book Discussion], to read it and don't forget to participate in the discussion too.

Another series is more like a personal diary, which I will post it on weekends. The series that I call it as "Fatina's Things". I've already posted 3 post under this series. Again, if you haven't read those post, you can click it here → #1, #2, #3

future stuff

I'm thinking to do a Blogger Interviews or doing a Guest Post in here. As for Blogger Interview, I'm going to prepare a set of questions and I'm going to ask you, if you are interested in answering the questions. If you are, then I'm going to email it to you and after I've received your answers, I'm going to post it here. Just in case you are wondering, I'm not setting up the questions just yet but I will do it soon. So, do you interested? If you do, do tell me, maybe you will be among the first blogger featuring here on my blog. 😙

Anyway, I've been featuring in Blogger Spotlight at The Royal Polar Bear Reads, head on there, if you would like to see me answering Rafael's interview questions. By the way, the post is just in last night! 😁 Thank you so much, Rafael, for having me to be featured on your blog! 😉

There you go my January Wrap Up. ☺


How's your January? Is there anything you are looking forward to do in February?

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