How To Further Study Abroad

February 15, 2017

Because I'm only a degree holder, no diploma/foundation/matriculation certificate hence, I really really want to further my studies to the higher level. Since, my mom is a PHD holder that what makes me even more inspire to further my study! She's my inspiration, my everything and I'm so proud of her ❤😘

how to further study abroad

Thus, as I have promised, in this post, I would like to share on how to further study abroad. It's very easy, there's nothing to worry about. As you know, I have received an offer from three university, two of them are unconditional offer, while another one is conditional offer. I will explain what is the different between the two of them.

Anyway, what do you need to prepare before proceed to apply the university. You need to have all of these, so that you won't feel hectic when you don't have it.

  • Diploma/Degree certificate 
  • Diploma/Degree Transcript
  • Personal Statement - A little bit about yourself and your studies, reason why you choose them, why do you choose the course, and your future after finish your studies. If you still couldn't imagine on how to write this you can just google it, there are many example on how to write it.
  • Reference Letter - This is very important! You need to ask from your lecturer to write a reference letter for you or if you are working you can ask your manager/supervisor to do the reference letter. For this you need to prepare two reference letter but to be in safe side, I guess you should prepare three since, some of the university they need 3 reference letter.
  • IELTS/GCEO - Some university they don't need IELTS, so you don't have to sit for that but most university they want the students to sit for IELTS. If you already have GCEO with atleast a B3/B+, then maybe you can negotiate with them about this matter.
  • Proposal/portfolio - If you think you want to do research for your master, then they need your proposal. They want to see it. But I don't really know about this, so I'm not sure how it works. Sorry :)
These are the first thing you need to prepare. It would be better if all of these, you make a copy of each of the documents and verified them. You need to prepare more of these documents, if you're going to apply more than 2 university.

Anyway, that's that. Now, let's moving on how to apply university

This will be based on my experience apply in those university that I'm going to mention here. So, yeah.

The first university I've had applied is in the UK, there's two university and both of them, I received a conditional offer for this, which mean they want me to sit for IELTS because I didn't sit for IELTS yet, hence, conditional offer. To be honest, most university in UK, they want us to have an IELTS. 


another two university is in Australia, which is one in Melbourne and the other one is in New South Wales. Both of this university, i received an unconditional offer which mean, the only thing you need to do is to pay your fees, do your medical check up, do your visa and off you go. 

To make you understand more in this term, conditional offer is where there are things are incomplete in your application and might be one of it is IELTS and maybe there are some other reason.

Whilst, unconditional offer is where you have meet all the requirements. I hope I have clear on this part.

To apply university abroad, you can either apply it by yourself on their website or maybe you can opt for a verified agent to help you to apply university for you and I think it's free, if I'm not mistaken but correct me if I'm wrong about this. 

For me, I did this on my own. I go to their website, see what course do they offer there and applied those on their website and wait for the email. They will email to you! So, don't worry about that. Also, right after you receive emails from them, if you have any other confusion about anything you can just email them, they will answer you as soon as possible.

Oh! I almost forgot, usually it will take a week or two but sometimes a month for you to receive from them either they offer you or not. That takes quite some times. But it worth the wait.

I guess that's all. If you have anything you want to ask, just leave on the comments down below. I will be here to answer your questions. and if you have any other information you would like to add, please include it in the comment. 😘

Have you decide which university/country you would like to apply?

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