Twenty 2017 Resolutions | I Want To Achieve This Year

January 10, 2017

I just want to share briefly my 2017 resolutions in a just simple point form. Don't worry, I ain't going to share any typical resolutions that I have made in the past few years and I'm kind of tired with those resolutions.

In 4 years I will be turning 30, hence, I want to have a great year of my 20s. I want it to be fabulous! 

2017 resolutions


⥤ I want to live my life with calm, joyous, and carefree without care of what people say about me anymore. 

⥤ Push aside all the negative vibes and replace it with more encouraging attitude.

⥤ I want to make more friends, hopefully, all over the world! Let's start with, Hi, my name is Fatina! 😁

⥤ To remove people who brings nothing but toxic in my life. I'm sorry! Because, I need to be firm in this phase of my life. I'm just tired with endless drama, backstabbing and anything related to it. Grow up, people!

⥤ Let's forgive and forget, hard to do, but it is worth it, because, you want to live your life in a peaceful way! 

⥤ Last but not least, to embrace my family more than anything. 💘


⥤ To eat more healthy food! More fruits and More vegetables! Though, I love vegetables but bean sprouts has been my biggest enemy and I trying my best to not avoid eating it anymore, since, it has a lot of benefits from it.

⥤ I have to gain more weight this year! I have to increase my weight bit by bit! Since, my weight has been slightly drop from 42kg to 40kg which I don't feel good at all, instead I'm worry!

⥤ Since, I don't like to jog, swimming is the best option, and it's my favourite sport. Hail to swim more this year!


⥤ My goals this year is to read 100 books, hopefully, I can reach the goal!

⥤ Hopefully, I can reduce my TBR piles, before buying more books!

⥤ To write more book reviews on my blog even more than last year, so, that, you guys would have teeny tiny of what books is all about before purchasing it! Because I'm here to help you!

⥤ To do a book discussion on my blog, I have few topics that I have list down, I will post it soon when I feel confident enough to share with you.

⥤ To continue to write my story again!


⥤ To write even more frequent this year, hopefully, every week, I'm going to publish at least 3 posts with greater content.

⥤ I have been thinking a lot on getting to have my own domain for my blog. Hence, hopefully this year, my blog will have its own domain!

⥤ To always interact with my readers with replying comments, also to do a blogwalking.

⥤ Shall I start a Youtube channel?

Anyway, I have make my own planner using excel, I know, I have already bought a journal, but that journal has turn into a dictionary, which, words I have found from books I have read, I will write it down with the meanings of the words.


Pardon my bad handwriting. Anyhow, that's how it looks like, it should be categorized with Alphabetical orders. Never mind, I will write it again , on the new page.


This is what actually I have been doing since the end of 2016, my own planner, also my mom's too, since, she is a lecturer, of course, she needs one, isn't it. Well, that's how my planner looks like. 

My biggest resolution this year would be to travel around the world! I have been wanting to do it so much, thus, this year is the year to travel more often!

There you go, Fourteen 2017 Resolutions. I'm counting myself to achieve all of those I have list above, though, I may adding it up more soon. lol Regardless, let's make this year the best year ever and enjoy your life to fullest and be happy!

So, what is your top 2017 resolutions that you want to achieve this year?

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