Time For Lip Balm

January 21, 2017

The skin located on your lips much thinner, and therefore much more susceptible to external condition than skin located elsewhere on the body. Cold or dry air, wind, and the sun can cause all damage to the lips if they left unprotected. Lip balms are a wax based substance that is applied to this skin that can help to protect from harsh elements, and also can help lips that are already dry or cracked heal.

time for lip balm

Beside providing protection and healing to the lips, lip balms also have cosmetic advantages as well! Here are a few of the benefits to using a quality lip balm as a part of your daily health and beauty routine.

1. Help cracked lips heal faster by applying lip balm. The balm will coat the sensitive skin, protecting it from further damage and also keep them warm and hydrated which will encourage faster and more effective healing.

2. Protect your lips from the sun. Most, if not all lip balms contain SPF that will help to protect your lips from damaging sun rays.

3. Prevent chapped lips. No one likes to experience dry chapped lips. Beside being painful, they are embarrassing! Regular application can save you from feeling like everyone is looking at your lips.

4. Exfoliation benefits. The process of applying lip balm not only removes dead skin cells from the surface of your lips, but encourages the skin to produce new, healthy skin cells.

5. Help other beauty product look their best. One way to make dry, chapped lips look even worse is to apply a lipstick to them. The color will be absorbed by the dry skin, making chapped lips look even worse than they are. Applying a quality lip balm to the lips before applying lipstick can prevent this, and make your lipstick look better than ever.

There are many different types of lip balm available. They can come in tubes, jars, have flavors of be scent free. Some are used by applying with your finger, and some come with a built in applicator. The amount of SPF included can also vary. Nearly every makeup brand has their own lip balm variety and all try to make their product the most recognizable, like EOS Lip Balm which has packaged their natural derived lip balm in an easy to spot sphere shape container.

eos lip balm

How can the addiction of lip balm to your beauty routine improve the health and wellness of your lips?

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