Fatina's Things #1

January 15, 2017

Hi everybody, how are your weekends? Is it great? Having so much fun on your weekend? Hopefully, you guys enjoy it to the fullest. Anyways, not going to write to much in this post, I decided to make a new series of what things I enjoy, hence, I will compile it all here, in one post.

fatina's things

Okay, let's just dig in!


My favourite sambal goreng. Not that spicy, just nice. Okay fine. I only blended red chilies, so that it won't be spicy at all, just because my sister didn't like if I make the sambal way too spicy. hmmm Nevertheless, I still love it! Yums. *sorry if the picture wasn't that fancy, because its weekends and it my laziest day*

food 2

⥁ This is how I eat my sambal with bread,..err with a cucumber and onions. Yums! Looking at this, it makes me want to eat it now.. 😭

cats and books

Aww, do you see that, my cat, Moshi, she try to look like a cat model. :p Anyways, playing with my cats is the best thing in our life.

 I have two cats, by the way, which is her name is Sushi. I don't know why, I named her Sushi, because I don't eat Sushi. lol and she loves to sleep, hence, that's the reason why she is not in the picture.

 Because I love cats very much, I purchased a cat's soft toy at Kaison. Have you heard Kaison or have you been there? Kaison is just like heaven, so many pretty things they have there that end up, you will stay there more than an hour 😅😅

I just start to read A Court of Thorns and Roses again, just because I don't really remember of what happen (I know its one of my favourite, but still - human mind), since I have read this last year, and I forgot to review it, and because Eyqa has make me want to read it all over again before start the second book. hiks.

Because I just figure this whole new ideas like an hour ago? Thus, all the pictures above are the compilations of yesterday's pictures and I guess, that's all. Since, this is the first post, hopefully, you will understand of why, it is like this. But I'm enjoy it to do this and try to take more picture of whatever things come to my mind.

See you in next post. Good night. 😘

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