Book Series: Between E-Books and Physical Books? Which One Do You Prefer?

January 12, 2017

Hi, this will be my first Book Series to be feature on my blog, every Thursday, once or twice a month, I will be doing a book discusision. Yay! I'm so excited to do a discussion with you, and you could share your opinion here too. This discussion is not about what is right or wrong, and it is solely on the basis of my own honest opinions towards on the topic to be discuss here.

After days of listing down the topic on which I suppose to make the first discussion here, I decide to discuss about, "Between E-Books and Physical Books? Which One Do You Prefer?".

So, let the words begin


I'm going to discuss only this two main thing here because I know, there's one more way to read a book, which is listen to audiobook, I haven't try it, thus, I won't discuss about that here. Anyways, e-books is where you read the book using either laptop or Kindle or from your smartphone. In a way, it is much easier to read a book that you buy and download from the website yourself, as you only need to scroll and choose which book you like to have, to read and tadaa, you have it in a blink of an eye after you make a purchasing. Easier that way, isn't it?

Furthermore, for us who live in Asia, specifically, Malaysia, some of the books that we want may not going to be brought here. It feel frustrated to know that we didn't receive it here. If you want to receive an ARC(Advance Received Copy) from publisher, which mean, you want to read a book in advance, since, we live in Malaysia, the possibility to received physical copy are very low, but to receive a copy in form of e-book, the chance is very high, through NetGalley, Edelweis, and few others website that you can sign up, if you interested in doing a review of the books you receive in an e-book format.

Anyhow, for myself, I don't have any trouble to read from an e-book, I find that, it is one of easiest way to read, since, you only need to read on your screen also, it is much cheaper to purchase it compare to physical books and the fastest way to read the book is through e-book but, of course, its has some negative things of e-books, which is you could not smell the books, which is goood and you couldn't hug them at all. Duh! I hate that part. Okay, fine, I don't really see any flaws of reading from e-book, but I don't know about you. So.

By the way, on my computer, I downloaded an Adobe Digital Editions, to read an e-book.

Physical Book

But. How about physical book? Physical book is amazing to have, to own it, to see it so beautiful sitting on your bookshelf facing you and giving big smile to you waiting for you to pick them. Who wouldn't resist to have this book, don't you agree? To own a physical book is the best thing in our life. I would much prefer actually to own a physical books, so that, I can re-read it thousand millions of time of the book.

In addition, you can smell the book, you can hug the book, you can bring it anywhere you want, you can see it, touch it for how many times you want. Except the price here, is cost you at least, i think, the minimum price for english book is RM 30, but you can go to bookxcess, as they offer lower price, also, we have to wait for book fair to purchase it at a great deal!

By the way, have you ever know that, there are two or more different of book cover? For example, there are UK edition and US edition, both of them, has their own unique cover to choose from. Here's the example for you to see, the book cover's differences.


For me, honestly, its hard to pick to which I love, because both of them are freaking beautiful. I totally love it and I would love to own both, honestly.

To summarize, either e-book or physical book, it is amazing for all the book lovers to have it to themselves as for us to read it and share our opinion towards the book, fangirling about it, almost anything, as long as it is a book for us to read it, and for that, you might not want to complain that much, instead, you will so grateful to have it for yourself, right?

I would love to know, your opinions on which would you prefer - E-book or Physical Books? 

Notes: You also can suggest any discussion topics that we could discuss together and I will write the post and share it. Feel free to suggest it. 

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