5 Things I Have Learned in 2016 + Happy New Year 2017

January 1, 2017


2016 is year full of ups and downs in my life. I've been through things that I have never thought it would happen in our life, yet it happened. However, of how and what and why it happens, those things has been make me become stronger person day by day, and I'm feel grateful for that.
Let me summarize of what have I learned in 2016.

Patience is the Key

As cliche as it sounds, you have to be patience, if you want things to be right. I know its hard, I know it take a lot of our energy to be patience enough for whatever things happen to you, but you have to remind yourself, be patience, things will be alright, but of course, you have to put an effort in that as well.

Let Go 

Do not hold things, that were not meant to be yours, instead, let them free, let them go. If you have to think about you, yourself before anyone else. Easy to said, but its hard to do it, but, the thing is you have to force yourself, that's all. I have been there and I know how it feels. I don't want myself to stay in the same spot and sad over things that never meant to be mine, I want myself to find happiness and see things I didn't see before, hence, let go.

To Not Be Afraid

Don't be afraid to try new things. I have a low self esteem before that I'm afraid to even try new things, to snatch the chance that been given to me, to even have a conversation(to shy to talk!), and I made up my mind, to not be afraid anymore. Enough is enough, its time for me to shine.


You know to find a friend that understand you, be there during your ups and downs, its never easy but once you've found them, cherish them forever in your life, because you may not find the same person who can stay by your side like them again. In this sense, remove the people who just bring nothing but toxic in your life.

Be Happy and Stay Positive

All I want myself to always be happy, even how hard the situation I will be in, I'm going to slay them down and be happy! Also, to always remind myself to be positive and positive and positive, remove those whatever negative thought that's going to hit me.

There are more things, I want to share but that will be way too long, hence, only the important things that I've share with you. Of whatever happened to you before, let's take that as lesson learned.


No matter how hard it is, you can get through it! You know you can do it! Always motivate your own self by saying positive things. Anyway, May 2017 will be bring more joy, happiness, rezeki  and most of all, May ALLAH SWT shower us with good health, and countless blessings on me, my family and all of you.

Anyway, Happy New Year! 🎆


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