Make A Plan On To Re-Arrange My Blog's Post

December 11, 2016

As I scroll my blog seeing all the post that I have posted, it feels so messy, and not well-organized at all. I think I need to make a new plan before hitting the publish post. Since, I have a quite number of categories in my blog that I need to pay attention as well.

Make A Plan On To Re-Arrange My Blog's Post

Here is what I have thought, I'm thinking that I should put each of my label into a specific day. By doing this, I guess I will cover those label that I've make. I realized that I have not touch any three labels on my blog which is fashion, beauty and tips. Because of that, it make me feel guilty.

Honestly, I thought that I shall erase those labels from my blog, because I'm no expertise in those two main things, which is fashion and beauty. But, I don't think I should, because you never know, maybe one day, I will share those two on my blog. Hence, I decided to just let it be there and wait for to write something under that two labels.

Anyway, without further ado, let's see, what I have been plan to restructured my blog's post. I'm going to put each days under one category.

What I mean is ↷


Any of in this three days of every week, I will post anything related to books - reading. Be it book reviews, book haul, book tags, discussion, basically, anything that is related to books. Why is it three days? Because, mainly things that I have been write a lot in here is books. Hence, three days.


Any of this two days that I have choose, I will going to post anything related to lifestyle's post. Beauty, fashion, and blog. I would dedicate to this two days on covering this three main topics.


Well, anything related to personal things about me. hiks. Be it about recipes, my weekends plan, doing a tags about me, frankly, whatever related to me. I will share it during weekend.

These plans will be start in the beginning of January 2017. I guess, this will be one of my new year resolution for my blog to make sure it is well-organized.

I guess, many of you seems to get confused of what is my planning for my blog's post plan. What I mean is that, I have make an arrangement on each day will be put under one label.

➽ For example, on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday is the day that I'm going to post about books, right? But I ain't going to post it those every single days, instead, I will choose any of these 3 days for me to blog anything related to books.

In a week, I will only blog at least three days, just as the same like what I've been doing now. Hence, it will be one for book (any day, I will pick and post it), one lifestyle's post and one personal's post.
The reason I make what I have stated above, it just that easy for me to track down on my planner, since, I've already bought a planner just for my blog. Thus, that's why.

Hopefully, I have clear things out and I'm sorry, if it has confuse you. 🙏 I really wish that I could blog everyday. 💓

What about you?Have you make a plan for your blog?

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