Five Things I Do During Menstruation Days

December 2, 2016

Five Things To Do During Menstruation Days

Mood swing and laziness has always happened during my period days, which I don't really enjoy anything throughout the day. All I want to do is to sleep, sleep and sleep all day especially on the first day of period. Due to my period, I just want to cuddle under my blanket with my teddy bear. ☺

But that ain't good for my body, I need to do some activity to make sure I'm in a good mood, even though, its hard but I need to force myself. Therefore, I will share with you, Five Things To Do During Menstruation Days.

#1 Drink a Cup of Hot Lemon 

Having menstrual cramp is definitely affected the whole day of our activities, isn't it? Drinking a hot lemon in the morning, definitely help to ease the pain. I drink it on my first day and it did help me to ease away the cramp and give me an energy to go through the day.

p/s: I also drink hot lemon on a regular basis, just drink twice in a week. I don't drink it daily, as I take a different hot drink every day. Sometime, I will make hot milo, but most of the days, I will only drink a hot plain water. I don't drink any coffee.

#2 Go for A Walk 

Every time during our periods, our mind will tend to create something negative, and it will stress us out, even tend to get mad over small matters. The thing you can do to avoid those thing to happen, maybe try for a morning/evening walk or if you're working, you might try going out for lunch, instead of having your meal at pantry in your office.

Taking a nice walk and simple breath in the outdoor air, looking at beautiful scenery, it will really help us to relieve those negative thoughts. For me, I don't want to just sit in, doing my work and end up, with a bad mood that affect the people around me. Nope! That ain't healthy!

#3 Select a Nice Movie/TV Shows To Watch

One of the way you can do during your menstruation day is by watching movie/tv shows. Select a movie that has a happy ending,you know, something that really nice to watch, not some sad movie, that only makes you cry so hard and again affecting your own mood.

#4 Treat Your Craving with Delicious Food

Whenever, period visiting you every month, it will always make you craving for something delicious to eat, isn't it? Thus, why not treat yourself with delicious food. Come on! Go out and pick something delish to treat your tummy. It might be a cake. Any cake you love! I will give myself a treat of chocolate cake! Yums!

Well, it doesn't mean that I eat cake every month, at least I will treat myself with something sweet. It can be waffle, pancakes or anything sweet. So, do you!

p/s: Don't forget to eat more fruits and vegetables!

#5 Have A Good Talk with the Parents/Sisters/Husband/Friends

I have always love to have a talk about anything with my mom and dad. Because, I need to let out anything inside me to someone that I trust and could give an opinion on a good/bad things. It will really ease my heart and my mind, after I have share the things that I have been gone through the day.

This is what I do during my menstruation days, it might be different to you, so, why not share what you usually do to boost up your mood during your period days?

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