5 Things To Do Before Purchase A Book

December 6, 2016

5 Things To Do Before Purchase A Book

Book is a one way to escape reality into your own imaginary world without anyone interfere it. Reading will make us forget all the problems in reality, to do that, you need to purchase a book, but how would you what to do before buying a book? Hence, 5 Things To Do Before Purchase A Book.

Here is the list of things you need to do before you decide to purchase a book, 'cause you ain't want to purchase a book that you didn't like it and end up, the book would only be stay on your shelf without reading them. NO freaking way!

Decide What Genre Do You Really Like

As you can see at a bookstore, every shelves have been label of what is in each of the book shelf. There are, General Fiction, Science Fiction, Mystery/Thriller, Romance, Classic, Local Fiction, Non-Fiction and also Young Adult, under Young Adult also has Young Adult Fiction, Contemporary, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Mystery/Thriller/Horror.

If you are not sure which genre do you like to read, you can either try read some reviews from the bloggers or booktubers and go to a library and choose a book you would like to read and see if it up to your taste.

Well, I do that too, to know what genre do I really enjoy reading the most.

Read Some Reviews/Recommendations 

Reading some reviews may help you a lot in terms of giving you idea to choose which books you want to read. You also may want to know, what are the top picks of the books every month, books that recommended by everyone. By doing some research, I mean reading a review, may help you before buying, isn't it?

Make A Friend/Join A Group of People Who Loves To Read

This is one of way for you to gather more information regarding books. You can have a chat with them on whatever about the books you want to know, ask for their recommendation, discuss about the books and many more great things you can gain from it.

Borrow a Book From Library

As a start, you make want to borrow a book from library before decide to purchase it. From that, you may know, which genre you will really enjoy, so that, you can purchase it without hesitation.

Make A Budget

As a matter of fact, I have an experience in working at a bookstore, honestly, the price for every english book is at least around RM 28 but usually it is more than that, and I bet you know about it too. Same goes to a malay novel, the minimum price is around RM 19.90. You need to make a budget every month, if you were an avid reader, who loves to read books a lot.


You can find many other alternative for you to buy books that way cheaper than usual price. Secondhand book, book sale or buy an e-books. If you have more place that sell books at cheaper, please, do share with us.

p/s: Book Depository is one of the best place to purchase books, as it is Free Delivery Worldwide. Also MPH Online is a good website to purchase books.

All of these literally are my ideas. To be frank, I read each of the genre to know which I really really really love to read. Thus, Young Adult is what I love to read. Anything under Young Adult is my favourite to read.

Seeing a book staying in the shelf lonely, without being touch to read, has make me feel very sad. I don't like it and I hate it. Hence, to avoid that, I do all of the above before purchasing it, as, you know everything is being ridiculously expensive nowadays, that's why, I need to make sure to allocate some of my money for books.

What about you? How do you choose which genre do you enjoy to read?

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