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December 9, 2016

Have you ever encounter of uneasiness in trying to blog? There will be a lot of thought when you use blogging as a medium to share your thoughts almost about anything. Because of that, you need to be consider quite number of things. Well you know, when you are going to hit the publish button about the things you want to share and its either going to be good or bad for the people to read and the impact receive towards you and your blog.
Even myself having this struggling whenever I'm going to publish something on my blog. I'm going to share with you, 3 Things I Struggle on Blogging . Here you go.


By stating that one word, you know what I mean, isn't it? The thing is that to find a suitable topics is ain't easy, man. I hate to admit but it is true. It is much harder than writing an essay with a given topics. I have always this in my mind, day and night, thinking what topic shall I share and post on my blog, something that really going to make everyone enjoy to read, gain something from what I'm going to share.

To blog something personal, I still have to consider a lot, to share a piece of information about myself is something that I really need to think thousand time before doing it. Its not that I want to be invisible person behind the blog but I have to, what I have to. Since, we are living in this super fast, in terms of spreading a piece of information, right? By fast I mean, those viral kind of. Hence, you should consider that too.

but once the idea start to shower me, I will run as fast as I can to my laptop, open my blog and start to write. Otherwise, I might just scrolling down on my blog, reading other blogger's blog.


Gosh! To have a prop to post on my blog is freaking awesome,okay! Seeing everyone posted in using more props to take picture of the products, using flatlays, have a white piece of cloth or using white marble or basically anything white, is awesome. The thing is I don't have those things I mention. Its sad but that's the truth. If you saw my post photo on the blog, I use a chocolate background, which is my mom's carpet, that's all I find beautiful to use as a prop. I'm grateful for that. Honestly, I don't know how to take picture using flatlays. I don't know and I'm sucks, in term of that. lol. Still learn it, by the way.

oh! For your record, I don't own DSLR or camera. I don't. I used my iPhone to take photos. I used to have Nikon DSLR 3000 but I sold it already. I sold it because I don't really used it in that particular time and now, I regret it. Whatever. I'm going to save some money to buy at least a compact camera(?) I don't know, let's see how it goes.

What IF?

Here's what I mean. When I have already finish writing, I have this in mind - What if people hate the things that I share? What if no one reading of what I will posting on blog, because they find it boring? What if they find it so mainstream? What if..and what if and what if?

Oh goodness, it keeps on bothering me a lot. Every now and then, ever since, day one of me, starting this blog again, its keep pop up in my mind of those questions. Even after I publish it. Sometimes I feel so nervous to check any comments on my blog. Nonetheless, honestly, I feel so excited to receive comments from you guys. Seriously. I feel so content reading all the comments from you. It just that I got scared that the topics that I posted sounds tedious.

Despite, facing this kind of struggle, blogging has definitely been one of the best medium for me to express my thoughts, share amazing things, receive love from you. Also, get-to-know and get more friends from here, even though, we never meet in real life, I feel we are close to each other that I could talk and share and ask anything with you guys. Definitely, one of the most remarkable things that I have. I will never quit from this blog ever. I'm going to make it into wonderful and joyous things to share with you.

I'm going to change this struggling into a beautiful things. Going to take it as a challenge to improve my blog day to day. I will try to post more wonderful things with you, either a haul, review, personal, blog, almost anything, I'm going to make best out of it.

Anyway, do you have any struggle on blogging?

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