December 27, 2016


Wow, in just less then 4 days, 2017 will knock our door. Time flies so fast, it just feel like, only yesterday, we were celebrated 2016 but now, we are in December of 2016. Looking back, the past month, what have I actually achieved? 🤔 Whatever we have encounter from the beginning of 2016, for the good things, let's cherish it forever and for the bad things, let's make it a lesson to learn.

Let's see,

  • Books

These are the books that I have been read throughout the year of 2016, but it does not included the books that I have read and received from publisher (through NetGalley) that is not yet been published this year. Therefore, if I total it up, it may be more than 30 books, but, that's only a small number compared to the other readers who I have been following from twitter/instagram/blogger, they are just amazing because some of them has read more than 100 books. It is really impressive! 

Hence, my 2017 goals will be reading more than 100 books. 💪💫

  • Blog
I'm glad that I decided to blog again after have been idle from this for the longest time. I'm happy that I have this space of mine to write whatever that came across in my mind and share with you, also, to received love from all of you, definitely one of the incredible things happened in my life. I am truly thankful for that.

To my followers, whom have been following me, I would like to take this chance to sincerely to express my gratitude for all the supports that I have been received from you, I really appreciate it so much. 

Therefore, in 2017, I will do whatever to make sure, I will post every week on my blog, things that's really beneficial for all of us, also to improve my english writing and hoping that I will generate income from blogging. ☺❤

  • Friends
Honestly, ever since, I started to blog early this year, I feel so happy that I have make a lot of friends from blogging world. I know I haven't met them in the real world, but I really feel like I have known them more than years. That's what I feel. I can talk, share whatever I want with them through writing and they definitely giving me a great advice and also amazing amazing supports. 

"I seriously hoping that, we would do a meet up somewhere next year(?) 🙏😘"

and I'm going to share with you, my favourite, lovely friends from blogging, which, I feel so lucky to get to know them, here.😊

Them : 

Erin Azmir, this girl, she's a sweet girl sharing many incredible posts, be it blogging, beauty and lifestyle. I really admire her, and of course, I really love her writings! Go and read her blog, if you have not.

Eyqa, she loves to read like me! Yay! hehe and I love reading her thoughts about the books that she have read, also share about blogging.

Hanis, I love reading her posts on travelling, hiking, and other amazing posts, she has share on her blog. 

Siqahiqa, another readers like me, isn't it nice to be friends, whom having the same interest? I do love to read her thoughts about the books, she has read and share on the blog, also she posts a lot of great post on her blog, which you will love to read. 

Also, there are more amazing readers out there, that I have been following and silently reading their blog. hehe 💕

  • Works
This year has definitely gave me a lot of great things that I'm going to cherish it forever. The experience that I have been received, its really remarkable. From processing the stock to handling customers, it just a bitter sweet moment of my life that I would never ever forget about it. Now, with my new job, the experience I have before has been really helpful for me. 🙆

That's all my recaps that I can remember for the year of 2016. Frankly, I have lots to share but I think this could be sufficient to put up on my blog. Anyway, hopefully, 2017, will be a wonderful, amazing things will be take place on me, my family and all of you. 

For that, happy holidays and have fun with you family, friend and loved ones. 💓

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