Blogging Resources and New Template!

November 30, 2016

Thinking of sharing amazing resources and new templates that I have been using for my blog. Enjoy the post.

Before I start, I would love to share with you my amazing template that I have received from Erin Azmir's giveaway from Fearne Creative Design and I have chosen Gigi Template! Yay! I just love my new template and enjoy looking at it every single day.

blogging resources and new templates

So, what do you think with my new template? I love how clean and tidy my template looks. hiks 😊 Anyway, thank you, Erin and Fearne Creative Design! :)

Moving on to, resources for my blog ↷

Stock Photos
Mostly, stock photos that I have been using are from:

I have been using from them a lot and very thankful for those lovely and beautiful photos they have provide for anyone to use it.

As you may see the first item on the top sidebar is the logo of my blog. I created the logo using the free templates that I have received from The only things that I need to is just edit it using Photoshop.

B the way, they do giveaway 6 free goods every Monday, so, why not, sign up and you may enjoy to download those free gifts every Monday!

Playfair Display

Other fonts that I would love to recommend to you are⤵

Karla Script
Paduka Script

Since, blogger has changed their new interface, I find that, its freaking exhausted to keep on refreshing every minutes to see if there any comments on my blog, hence, I have decided to use Disqus on my blog. I find it is much easy to track and received your comments.

Another reason that makes me to use Disqus is because, instead of pressing published button from the awaiting moderation comments, I, accidentally, press delete button. Do you know, how frustrating is that? How it has make me feel guilty about it? So, Disqus is the best decision for me and the blog and for the future (eh?). lol.

Anyway, hopefully, you will find its okay to use it. Please please please *Pussyinboots'eyes*

There you go the summary of blogging resources. 💖

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